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                   About Hungry Start-up Strategy
Entrepreneurs are hungry. But it's not just because they're living on Ramen noodles and adrenaline as they pour all their time and resources into their start-ups. To leave a legacy, they build carefully with limited resources to maintain control of the venture's direction. For years, students have told Cohan that the seminal businss strategy guide, Michael Porter's "Competitive Strategy," was too big-company focused.

So Cohan -- who once worked with Porter -- has written the first business strategy book to address start-ups' very different challenges. He focuses on six key start-up choices: setting goals, picking markets, raising capital, building teams, gaining market share, and adapting to change.

For example, when setting goals, big companies seek to maximize return on equity but start-ups must focus on achieving key short-term milestones the achievement of which will make a vital difference. Similarly, big companies conduct elaborate market analysis before committing resources to a new business, while new ventures build prototypes, get customer feedback, and find a viable business model to avoid starving to death.
Based on over 160 interviews with start-up CEOs, capital providers, and start-up experts, "Hungry Start-up Strategy" gives entrepreneurs decision-making methods for each of the six key choices and shows how real entrepreneurs have used them.

Praise For Hungry Start-up Strategy
"Management consultant and venture capitalist, Peter Cohan, tries to even the formidable odds facing fledgling entrepreneurs, advising readers to examine with a strategic eye their chosen field of competition and thus avoid the errors that can doom a business from the start. Not just preaching to the choir, he shows how this has been accomplished by entrepreneurs like co-founder, James Watt of Brewdog and T2 Biosystems' CEO, Joe McDonough  He also shares their accumulated wisdom on such essentials as setting short-term goals, picking the right field, raising capital, and building a team. While some figures and diagrams appear throughout the book, Cohan's writing remains remarkably free of the buzzwords and charts that can make works of this type challenging and unhelpful. Instead, Cohan delivers his advice in a no-nonsense, direct manner that readers will appreciate. He also explores the challenges of satisfying customers, remaining open to change, and meeting capital providers' demands. Entrepreneurs hungry for success will welcome Cohan's advice on gaining the edge necessary to compete and thrive in business." -- Publisher's Weekly, October 15, 2012

"Peter Cohan has created a logic of competitive strategy that speaks to the real challenges of entrepreneurs that are trying to create new organizations that are more likely to succeed." -- Len Schlesinger, President, Babson College

"I can say unequivocally that the Hungry Start-up Strategy tips work. Thank you, Peter for guiding us to a business model that supports our social mission." -- Carol Barash, PhD, Founder and CEO, Story To College

"A guide that will help the entrepreneur sort the urgent from the important and navigate the choppy waters of an early-stage venture."
-- Howard Stevenson, Sarofim-Rock Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School

"Cohan distills his experience into a stunningly helpful and immensely practical book filled with a variety of tools that any entrepreneur will find instantly illuminating and useful."
-- John Harthorne, founder and CEO, MassChallenge, Inc.

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