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Growth in developed countries is too slow to create many new jobs. In the U.S., for example, the economy grew at a mere 0.7% in the first half of 2011, yet in the second quarter of 2011, large U.S. companies earned all-time-record profits and were on track to end 2011 with 18% higher profits than their 2010 record level. The gap between slow U.S. economic growth and far more robust company performance can be explained in part by a simple fact: big U.S. companies are selling their products to countries where the demand growth is higher than at home.

This raises important questions for leaders of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and government policymakers:
How can SMEs capture the profits of exporting while managing its risks? How can government policymakers attract capital to spur economic growth? Peter Cohan has co-authored two books that address each question.

How can SMEs capture the profits of exporting while managing its risks?
Export Now, co-authored with former Under Secretary for International Trade at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Frank Lavin,  shows SMEs how to export profiitably. Based on thousands of real-world cases, Export Now explains an effective exporting framework for SMEs: The 5Cs of Exporting. These include: 1. Country: How to Pick the Right One; 2. Customers: How They Differ in New Markets; 3. Competitors: What to Look For Outside Your Home Market; 4. Capabilities: What You Need to Win; and 5. Capability Gap: How to Close It. Export Now's tips, examples, precautions, and checklists can help you seize the opportunities of profitable exporting.

How can government policymakers attract capital to spur economic growth?
Capital Rising, co-authored with Babson College Professor Srini Rangan, looks at globalization in a new way -- namely through the lens of global capital flows. These flows create new opportunities and threats for businesses -- compelling them to rethink fundamental strategic choices such as where to perform activities, which growing industries in which to invest, and how to manage mature businesses. Based on dozens of case studies, interviews with practitioners, and drawing on extensive academic literature, the authors extract best practices and use analytical tools and methodologies that will enable businesses to understand the impact on the global economy and capitalize on the wave of globalization.

Praise For Export Now and Capital Rising
"Export Now is an indispensible guide to the often complex maze of exporting. Highly recommended." -- Thomas J. Donahue, CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

"Export or Die! might be the well-deserved title of this book. Foreign competitors are coming into your market. You need to start selling to their markets. Your market isn't going to grow as fast as other markets in the world. This book is the best coach I know to bring you into profitable exporting." -- Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Sons Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"Capital Rising is an important, well-researched, socially responsible book by two experts. Cohan and Rangan (both Babson College) describe how their groundbreaking "Enterpreneurial Ecosystem" model answers such questions as why capital exerts powerful forces on global entrepreneurship, why capital flows into some countries and not others, and how the entrepreneurial economic system of a country affects growing, maturing, and rejuvenating companies and industries ..." -- D.W. Huffmire, Emeritus, University of Connecticut, Choice, December 2010

"Cohan and Rangan bring our understanding of trade, capital flows, and entrepreneurship to a new level. Through detailed analysis of success stories as well as business failures, Cohan and Rangan set out a framework to explain why capital flows in the way that it does across countries, industries, and companies. Whether for policymakers, capital providers, entrepreneurs or managers operating in a global company,
Capital Rising provides tangible insight into what separates successful entrepreneurs and business start-ups from those that don't make it in the increasingly global world we live in today." --Gregory J. Fleming, President, Morgan Stanley Investment Management and Global Research

"Original and thought provoking, Cohan and Rangan make us recognize both the importance of global capital flows and their impact on the competitiveness of countries and firms. Lying at the intersection of finance, international business, entrepreneurship, and public policy, this fresh perspective offers an insightful approach to uncover new opportunities and shed light on hidden risks."
--Mark Nunnelly, Managing Director, Bain Capital

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